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BAO Systems COVID-19 Response

As cases of COVID-19 continue to spread, BAO Systems is offering rapid implementation of digital tools for risk assessment, case reporting, contact tracing, and treatment follow up.


COVID-19 Monitoring Systems Webinar

On April 1, 2020, BAO Systems hosted a webinar to discuss the growing need for deployment and scaling of COVID-19 monitoring systems. If you were not able to attend in real-time, click the button below to watch the replay.

DHIS2 Symposium 2020

September 1-17 2020
Virtual Edition

With the health and  well-being of the DHIS2 community in mind, we have decided that the DHIS2 Symposium will be a 100% virtual experience this year.

Dharma Platform for DHIS2 Symposium data collection

With the health and well-being of the DHIS2 community in mind, we would like to understand how the COVID-19 outbreak may affect participation at the DHIS2 Symposium. Using BAO Systems’ recently acquired Dharma Platform, we sent a survey to participants already registered for the Symposium to collect data on how to best create an engaging DHIS2 Symposium experience.

Covid-19 Pandemic Response Solutions

As cases of COVID-19 continue to spread at an exponential rate, the global community is tasked with implementing effective solutions to respond to the pandemic. BAO Systems is offering rapid implementation support around digital tools that can facilitate health care worker self-assessment, case-based surveillance, contact tracing, high level case reporting.

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