Why host with BAO Systems?

We go beyond doing just the basics and provide many additional services that improve ease of management, stability, security, and performance of your DHIS2 instance.

Our Plans

We use state of the art VPS providers for hosting of the managed DHIS2 instances and virtual servers which are most suitable for achieving excellent performance and stability with DHIS2 — that means a lot of memory, multiple CPUs and lightning-fast solid-state drives.


100 users
$150 / mo
+ $200 setup fee


250 users
$250 / mo
+ $200 setup fee


500 users $400 / mo
+ $200 setup fee


750 users
$650 / mo
+ $200 setup fee


1500 users $950 / mo
+ $200 setup fee


Don’t see a plan that meets your needs?

Features of All Hosting Plans

Best of Breed Installation

Setting up DHIS2 properly involves installation and configuration of a wide range of components. Getting this right and maintaining it is time-consuming and requires staff with strong skills in Linux, database systems, web servers and more:

  • Install PostgreSQL database and tune it for high performance
  • Install Tomcat servlet container and configure it for maximum stability

  • Install nginx reverse proxy and enable caching and compression
  • Install the DHIS2 application and configure security aspects
  • Configure operating system with access control and proper file system permissions
  • With a managed DHIS instance from BAO systems you will get a DHIS2 instance installed and configured according to best practices.

SSL and Disk Encryption

Setting up SSL (as in HTTPS and encryption) is an absolute must for applications like DHIS2 which requires users to log in with a username and password. The SSL service provides your server with a trusted SSL certificate, which will keep private information secure. BAO Systems also encrypts the disk drive to insure your data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Help Desk

When operating a sophisticated software like DHIS2 it is comforting to know you can rely on BAO Systems to help you if you get stuck. The help desk service provides you with assistance on technical matters related to your server and DHIS2 software instance. BAO Systems” staff has many years of experience in DHIS2 hosting and configuration.

Server Resource Scaling

Often you will start with a small DHIS2 instance where you build and test your system. When system adoption increases you will need more server resources to handle the load. The resource scaling service lets you scale when you need it and pay for only what you need.

Private Cloud Environment

Each client is housed in it’s own Virtual Private Network (VPN) to isolate your systems from other clients. The private cloud service builds on Amazon Virtual Private Cloud to provide a highly secure and configurable server environment.

Email Configuration

DHIS2 features its own messaging functionality where all messages can be delivered to the user’s email inbox. The email service gives you access to BAO’s email servers, and BAO will set up and configure email settings for your DHIS2 instance.

Access to the BAO Manager

BAO Systems has created an application that allows you to have an overview of your hosted systems including access to log files, copies of database backups and statistics about your usage.

Uptime and Support

The hosting plans come with 24 / 7 monitoring and support, meaning that if your DHIS2 instance goes down or there is a problem, we are there to help you. We ensure that your system is available, well-performing and that your users experience no unnecessary down-time.

Reliable Backups

Know how it feels to lose critical data? Our backup service is designed to ensure that your data is always backed up in a secure place located physically off the server in case something goes wrong.

Managed Upgrades of DHIS2

DHIS is updated several times a year and adds a lot of useful features every time. BAO Systems works closely with the DHIS2 Core team to anticipate potential problems with upgrades.

Updates and Patching of Operating System and Middleware

The managed DHIS instances run on rock-solid Linux operating systems. However, as time goes by it is essential to keep the whole system up to date. The BAO Systems team regularly patches our systems and monitors for potential security threats.

Advanced Tier Features

Global Cloud Infrastructure for Scalability

Deploying systems for large organizations with operations in many countries on several continents comes with a few challenges. The global cloud infrastructure service helps you to provide your users with high availability in multiple time zones and enhanced scalability to handle the increased load that follows increased adoption of the system.

Customization Management

Customizing your DHIS2 instance with your organization’s logo, colors and look-and-feel allows you to brand your organization within the software. The customization management service ensures that your modifications are managed and survive upgrades of the DHIS2 core application without breaking or creating source code conflicts.

Application and Resource Monitoring

Monitoring resource utilization, application performance and operational health is essential for keeping your system running smoothly. The monitoring feature builds on Amazon CloudWatch to deliver a highly detailed and reliable monitoring solution.

Add-on Features

Implementation Support

Need to develop a DHIS2 database from scratch, implement DHIS2 in your organization, set up user roles, define forms, and/or create reports? BAO Systems can provide assistance, guidance, and support on most subjects ranging from starting a new DHIS2 instance, creating advanced data analysis and setting up integration between your systems.

Replication for High Availability

Want to make sure your system can handle high loads and constant up-time? We can set up your DHIS2 instance with web-server replication, meaning that if one server goes down, your instance is still available. It also means that we can add new servers to increase capacity during periods where demand is high.

Real-time Data Aggregation

Out of the box, DHIS2 performs data aggregation once every day. Sometimes you want to make reports available immediately after importing or capturing data. The real-time data aggregation service makes data available for reports only minutes after data arrives in the system.


$1500 / mo

+ $500 setup fee


$2700 / mo

+ $500 setup fee


$3000 / mo

+ $500 setup fee


$3700 / mo

+ $500 setup fee


$5000 / mo

$500 setup fee


$6000 / mo

$500 setup fee


$8000 / mo

+ $500 setup fee


$9000 / mo

+ $500 setup fee