Our solutions

Technical advising

We provide comprehensive services to help governments and international development organizations in data collection, management, analytics, visualization and use. We offer short to longer term strategies to support:

  • Health information system assessment
  • Information system design
  • DHIS 2 implementation
  • Business intelligence 
  • Data use and adaptive management

DHIS2 Implementation

We support governments and international development organizations to leverage DHIS 2 to meet their data collection, management, and analytics needs. 

DHIS 2 enables you to collect, manage, and visualize aggregate, individual/case-based, and event data with on- and offline capacity. DHIS 2 is the world’s largest health management information system (HMIS) platform, used by 67 low and middle-income countries. 

Beyond health, DHIS 2 is used in WASH, education, emergency response sectors.

Capacity building and training

BAO Services offers tailored capacity building and training options to help our clients retain the skills, knowledge, and tools we impart to maximize sustainability. 

  • Classroom style training
  • On the job coaching and mentoring
  • Trainer-of-trainers
  • Remote training and capacity building
  • DHIS 2 symposium

DHIS2 Utility Suite

BAO Systems’ Utility Suite increases efficiency and simplifies processes for administrative users engaged in DHIS2 configuration. Our solutions not only conserve precious organizational resources, but improve the ease of use.

BAO Import Foundry (BIF)

BIF is a user-friendly configuration tool used to quickly and easily create metadata objects in DHIS2 in bulk upload form. Using a standard format CSV file uploaded via BIF, the metadata objects are then created in DHIS2 saving users time bypassing complex API configuration or directly using the DHIS2 interface. BIF is made up of a series of modules, each designed to create specific metadata objects in DHIS2 form. The tool allows users to create all of their metadata objects in one shot.

BIF Tool: User Guide


dAtaZ a partner app to BIF, enables the bulk import of data into DHIS2’s aggregate, event, and tracker programs utilizing a set of standardized CSV templates. Utilizing our tool, users can quickly migrate historical data rather than laboriously enter data by hand.

Analytics and insights

BAO Analytics Platform

The BAO Analytics Platform enables users to ingest and align multiple and varied data sets, in real time, with our curated library of public data, in a secure cloud based data warehouse, where data is accessible to popular Machine Learning (ML) and business intelligence (“BI”) tools. Our platform leverages Amazon Web Services S3 data lake and Redshift data warehouse to offer a scalable, secure platform to meet stakeholder data needs. Many popular BI tools offer built-in connectors to Redshift, such as Tableau, PowerBI, Microstrategy, SPSS, and R enabling real-time analytics. This makes it a great solution for analysts, data scientists, program managers, M&E staff and other stakeholders who perform data analytics in their package of choice.

BAO Systems’ curated library of public datasets continues to grow and is updated in real-time, where necessary. A sample of our available datasets include:

  • PEPFAR Testing & Treatment Results, 2016-2019
  • John Hopkins University CSSE COVID-19 data
  • DHS Program datasets
  • DHS Program metadata
  • IHME GHDx Global Burden of Disease, including Summary Exposure Value
  • Global Data Lab’s Sub-National Human Development Index
  • WHO’s Global Health Observatory data
  • WHO Master Facility Lists, SSA

Security and compliance

BAO Services’ data analytics and insights platform is designed to meet the data demands of governments and international development organizations to improve adaptive management and outcomes. By mashing up and aligning disparate structured and unstructured data sources into a single interface, our platform helps clients tell more insightful stories with their data. Machine learning and programmable algorithms enable users to flag issues in data and data quality, identify potential areas for further investigation, improve stock management, guide staffing allocation decisions, and more. Accountability systems can send alerts and task individuals for follow up. We leverage commonly used BI tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and Redshift to display data in meaningful ways.

BAO Integration Suite

Our team of engineers is experienced at developing custom connectors to facilitate automated data exchange between popular data tools and systems. BAO Systems’ Integration Suite connects commonly used systems and facilitates automated data exchange, exponentially increasing efficiencies over time.

BAO Systems’ Integration Driver

Leveraging the DHIS2 API, our Integration Driver facilitates data flow between two or more DHIS2 instances. Basic transformations can be performed during the process, including data aggregation and calculation of new indicators. Once data sets are mapped between systems, routes are defined and set up in a manager portal to define the direction of data flow, the source and destination API, and the frequency in which data will flow. Use of the Integration Driver improves the efficiency and effectiveness of health information systems, enables integrated analytics, and improves data availability, accessibility, and quality.

KoBo-to-DHIS2 Connector

KoBo Toolbox is a suite of tools built on ODK for field data collection that can be used in challenging environments. While deployment of KoBo is quick and easy, users face challenges in easily analyzing data collected in an efficient manner. Our Kobo-to-DHIS2 Connector is a user-friendly tool that pulls data from KoBo into DHIS2 with minimal user interaction, allowing KoBo data to be analyzed with the powerful analytic tools within DHIS2. During the integration, KoBo allows for the selection of data elements that are to be created in DHIS2, eliminating irrelevant data elements on KoBo.

KoBo-to-DHIS2 User Guide

DHIS2-to-Power BI and DHIS2-to-Tableau Connectors

A growing number of DHIS2 users see a need for more advanced analytics capabilities beyond the software’s core functionality. Our freely available DHIS2-to-Power BI and DHIS2-to-Tableau Connectors enable quick, user friendly data flow, allowing individuals to integrate data sources, create more complex calculations, and access a large selection of data visualizations.

Using our connectors, users can more seamlessly:

  • Load data fields and values from DHIS2 for querying 
  • Establish a data model to maximize flexibility and robust analytics 
  • Refresh the data model with the latest DHIS2 data 

DHIS2-to-Tableau User Guide

DHIS2-to-PowerBI User Documentation

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